SF 718


Solid wire for Nickel base high strength alloy 718. It match the parent metal Alloy 718. The weld metal is age hardenable with excellent strength; its mechanical properties depend on the post weld heat treatment (PWHT).Daiko SF 718 has excellent corrosion resistance to many media. This product is used in a wide range of applications such as components for liquid fueled rockets, rings, casings and various formed sheet metal parts for aircraft and land-based gas turbine engines, and cryogenic tankage. It is also used for fasteners and instrumentation parts.Daiko SF 718 filler metal can be also used for cladding and overlay of parts in the oil and gas industry.

Category Nickel alloys
Product ID SF 718

Line Nickel alloys Daiko Welding product type SF 718
Daiko is a complete assortment of high quality consumables for welding and cladding applications. With over 400 different alloys, Daiko covers the whole range on solid and flux cored wires, strips, fluxes and nickel base covered electrodes.
Other covered electrodes are distributed under G-TECH brand. Most of our products are usually ex stock, ready to be supplied.

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Standards AWS A5.14 ER NiFeCr-2
EN ISO 18274 SNi7718
W. Nr. 2.4667

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