Solid wire 70/30 copper-nickel alloys. It is designed to match the CuNi 70/30 alloys. This product is nominally 67% Cu and 30% Ni.The consumable is suitable for surfacing and cladding provided buttering layer is made (normally buttering is made with alloy 400 or pure nickel).Applications include offshore construction, desalination plant, evaporators, condenser, etc, in salt and sea water processing system.

Category Nickel alloys Product ID 413 Type ID ERCUNI MIG TIG SAW

Line Nickel alloys Daiko Welding product type 413 Daiko is a complete assortment of high quality consumables for welding and cladding applications. With over 400 different alloys, Daiko covers the whole range on solid and flux cored wires, strips, fluxes and nickel base covered electrodes. Other covered electrodes are distributed under G-TECH brand. Most of our products are usually ex stock, ready to be supplied. If you need some more information about products contact our department.

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Standards AWS A5.7 ER CuNi
EN ISO SCu 7158
W. Nr. 2.0837

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