DAIKOPLATE, the new wear-resistant clad plate

Pubblicato il: 24 October 2022

DAIKO's decades of experience in the field of industrial applications has converged in the design and implementation of a new range of solutions to extend the operating life of the plants.

The new DAIKOPLATE clad plate and the new wear-resistant DAIKOTUBE clad pipes represent a valid alternative to reduce maintenance costs and increase the life of industrial plants that must operate in environments characterized by strong abrasive, erosive and corrosive phenomena even at high temperatures. Made by depositing chromium carbides by cladding on carbon steel plates or tubes, they have an incredible resistance to wear on the surface and at the same time an incredible ease of use.

In fact, they can be delivered in numerous combinations according to length, width, thickness of the coating and the base material and can be supplied cut to the customer's design.

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