Pubblicato il: 24 October 2022

One of the characteristics that has made DAIKO the appreciated industrial partner of many customers around the world is certainly our ability to provide timely and customized supplies both in terms of quantity and type of goods.

Our warehouses undoubtedly represent a strategic asset in which DAIKO has been investing for years and today, now in the full scenario of Industry and Logistics 4.0, this approach is even more fundamental.

Hence DAIKO's choice to digitalize all logistics and storage management to simplify, track and make processes more efficient and reduce waste of resources and time.

Digitalized management makes communications between all departments involved in operations within the warehouse and throughout the supply chain to the end customer more fluid and immediate. It also allows us to always have the status and methods of order fulfillment available in real time, guaranteeing transparency and accuracy.

DAIKO has decided to be at the forefront of this approach and is completing the transition to a completely digital management of all internal logistics in order to meet the most demanding requests and standards imposed by the market, thus ensuring compliance with the latest regulations, such as those relating to electronic invoicing.

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