Use & Application
The 16.8.2 consumables have a controlled composition and ferrite, optimized for performance in structural service at temperatures up to about 800°C with cryogenic toughness down to -196°C. With Mo specifically at the lower limit for AWS 16.8.2, it is a dilute hybrid between E308H and E316H. It has applications for welding all the ‘3XXH’ series of stainless steels which combine creep, oxidation and general corrosion resistance. A low total Cr+Mo with controlled C and ferrite content ensures high resistance to thermal embrittlement by intermetallic phases with valuable effects on creep ductility and thermal fatigue. No Bi bearing constituents are allowed in these consumables, to ensure <0.002% Bi (API 582). This weld metal was developed to avoid in service HAZ failure in 347H and 321H of >12mm thickness. Applications include **catalytic crackers (cat crackers), cyclones, transfer lines, furnace parts, thick wall steam piping, superheater headers, some gas and steam turbine components** used in petrochemical, chemical process plants and in power generation industries. Preheat is not required; maximum interpass temperature 250°C. Welds are left as-welded, no PWHT required.
Alloy type
16.8.2 for high temperature 3XXH stainless steels.
Austenite with delta ferrite of 1-6FN typically. Hot cracking is not reported at low FN.
Materials to be welded

EN W.Nr.: 1.4948 ( X 6 CrNi 18 11), 1.4941 ( X 8 CrNiTi 18 10), 1.4961 (X 8 CrNiNb 16 13).
ASTM: 304H, 321H, 347H, 316H.
UNS: S30409, S32109, S34709, S31609.

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