Use & Application
Mixed welding applications including the welding of mild, stainless, hardenable, and armour steels to themselves or each other with or without preheat. Tolerance to dilution (resistance to hot cracking) is provided by the high manganese content, unlike armour welding and 309 types which depend on a high ferrite level. In some cases, they may offer an alternative to high nickel weld metal in joints between cast iron and stainless steels. Weldments subject to PWHT retain ductility with satisfactory toughness down to -50°C. Reasonable scaling resistance up to 850°C. Can be used as buffer layers to weld or reclaim 13% Mn steel used in rock crushing plant and earth moving equipment. Has also been found satisfactory as buffer layer on cast iron prior to hard surfacing. Use as surfacing consumable which work hardens from 200 to 400 HV, suitable for repair of alloy rails, crossing parts, frogs etc. without need for preheat, however, the workhardening rate is lower than 13% Mn steel and overlays of more than 1 layer may suffer unacceptable collapse under heavy rolling loads.
Alloy type
Strong tough austenitic weld metal composition for dissimilar joints and buffer layers.
Consists of austenite with approximately 5FN.
Materials to be welded

Dissimilar combinations of C-Mn, stainless, hardenable, wear-resistant and armour steels. Suitable for 13% Mn steel also known as Hadfield steel.

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