Use & Application
The high nickel and nitrogen levels provide a fully austenitic and non-magnetic weld deposit with maximum magnetic permeability of 1.01. A typical tensile strength above 600MPa is also achieved by means of the controlled level of nitrogen. A high manganese content ensures freedom from microfissuring in the ferrite-free weld metal. Applications exploiting non-magnetic properties include welding of 316L fittings for **minesweepers and offshore downhole instrumentation collars**. The fully austenitic microstructure gives excellent strength and toughness at cryogenic temperatures for joining 304L and 316L LPG and LNG storage vessels. Useful toughness is also maintained down to liquid helium temperatures -269°C for superconducting applications. Unlike conventional 316L weld metal containing ferrite, which suffers preferential attack in concentrated nitric acid, the nil-ferrite alloy has excellent resistance and is suitable for deposition directly onto CMn steel to provide corrosion resistant overlays." No preheat required, and maximum interpass temperature 150°C.
Alloy type
Nil-ferrite, modified 316L alloy for non-magnetic, cryogenic and nitric acid applications.
Fully austenitic.
Materials to be welded

For type 316L and similar parent materials where ferrite-free and non-magnetic weld metal is required, also suitable for 304/304L and 316/316L for cryogenic service. May be suitable for welding 200 series stainless steels, and nitrogen strengthened stainless steels.
ASTM: XM-19.
UNS: S20910.
PROPRIETARY: Nitronic® 50 (AK Steel), Fermonic ® 50 (Langley Alloys).

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