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Carbon-manganese (C-Mn) steels are the predominant structural steels in use in large quantities, in a diverse range of applications, throughout the engineering industry. C-Mn steel fabrications can generally be welded successfully, as long as the steel composition is known, appropriate precautions are taken and qualified procedures are followed. C-Mn steels vary in their ease of welding, or weldability. Given the relevant combination of circumstances, hydrogen cracking, solidification cracking, reheat cracking, are all possible cracking mechanisms. These consumables give good resistance to these types of problem, but the welding procedure is very important. Preheat and PWHT would often not be required but actual requirements will depend on grade and thickness of base material being welded. The required mechanical properties of a welded joint are readily achieved in C-Mn steels with the use of the appropriate welding consumables. However, the complex nature of the structural changes that occur during the weld thermal cycle does mean that some care is needed in assessing properties such as heat affected zone (HAZ) toughness and hardness.
Alloy type
Consumables for welding mild and C-Mn steels of 340-510MPa tensile strength.
Predominantly ferrite.
Materials to be welded

EN W.Nr.: EN AW-Al 99,0 (1200), EN AW-Al 99,7 (1070A), EN AW-Al 99,5 (1050A), EN AW-Al 99,5 (1350), EN AW-Al 99,8 (1080A).

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