Use & Application
The color of the deposit has a high resemblance to cast iron, therefore is particularly suitable for the elimination of casting defects on new parts. Hardness about 165 HBOK. Deposition is done on cold or slightly preheated material. The weld metal is well machinable. Castings containing phosphorus levels higher than normal (approximately 0.20% phosphorus) are more readily welded using these electrodes than with an electrode of the ENi-CI classification. Experience has shown that satisfactory welds can be made on thick and highly restrained weldments, and on high strength and engineering grades of cast iron.
Alloy type
Electrodes with special basic-graphite coating and alloy core nickel and copper.
The structure depends on the chemical composition and the speed of solidification and subsequent cooling down.
Materials to be welded

Used for normal grades of cast iron such as gray-, ductile- and malleable irons and for joining work pieces of various types of cast iron, including nodular iron, and for welding them to steel and some nonferrous base metals.

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