Use & Application
Unalloyed Ti grade with highest ductility, cold formability and impact toughness, with excellent resistance to mildly reducing to highly oxidizing media with or without chlorides and high weldability. This consumable is the lowest strength unalloyed commercially pure grade and is used in applications where ductility is paramount, such as explosive cladding, loose linings, expanded metal, and deep drawing applications. Typical applications is in chemical industry. Developed for applications such as pump sleeves, rotary seal rings, wear pads, expeller screws and bearing sleeves. It is also used in electrolytic applications like coated anode substrates for production of chlorine and sodium chlorate. The weld deposit is ductile and offers excellent corrosion resistance with excellent weldability. It retains its hardness, 43–58 HRC, at temperatures up to 760°C. Suitable for hardfacing with excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance with low impact.
Alloy type
Gr. 1 titanium, commercially pure.
Primary hypereutectic carbides (approximately 19%) are found in in an austenitic type matrix.
Materials to be welded

Suitable for welding Titanium grade 1, 2, 3 and 4.
EN W.Nr.: 3.7025, 3.7035, 3.7055, 3.7065.
ASTM: Ti-Gr 1, Ti-Gr 2, Ti-Gr 3, Ti-Gr 4.
UNS: R504007, R50400, R50550, R50700.

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