Use & Application
This low carbon cobalt base type combines good high temperature strength with high ductility. The improved ductility provides better resistance to weld cracking than the high carbon types. It has high resistance to corrosion, oxidation and sulphidation; good resistance to cavitation erosion and resists thermal shock better than high carbon types. Galling resistance is inferior to high carbon types but bed-in properties are better. It is used to surface valves and valve seats, hot shear blades, hot work dies, ingot tong ends and equipment for handling hot steel. Used for cat cracker slide valves in petrochemical industry. Also finds applications in a very wide range of industries including steel, cement, marine and power generation. Preheat not required, but advisable for first layer when deposited on hardenable alloy steels. Interpass control to ~200°C maximum is advisable to minimize possible hot cracking in heavy multipass deposits. Deposits are machinable with carbide tools and may be finished by grinding where necessary.
Alloy type
CoCrMo alloy matrix containing dispersed hard carbides.
In the as-welded condition the microstructure consists of a cobalt based austenite with a number of carbides and other complex phases.
Materials to be welded

Used for surfacing mild, low alloy and stainless steels and also for nickel base alloys. Can also be used for the repair of similar base materials (UNS R30021, Stellite 21 - Deloro Stellite) although it is optimized for surfacing not joining.

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