Use & Application
For welding 5-11% Al bronzes plus other copper alloys. For brasses the weld color is similar and the presence of aluminum in the filler helps to suppress zinc volatilization during welding. It can also be used to overlay CMn steels and cast irons to give wear and corrosion resistant bearing surfaces, or to join these to most copper base alloys. Applications include **corrosion resistant and spark resistant pumps, castings, machinery parts, heat exchangers for offshore, marine and mining equipment**.
Alloy type
9% Al bronze for welding similar 5-11% Al alloys.
In the as-welded condition consists of a duplex α + β microstructure.
Materials to be welded

Aluminum bronze. Beryllium copper: Cu+ 0.5-2%Be. Brass: Cu–Zn. Aluminum brass: e.g. Yorkalbro Cu-22%Zn-2%Al. Manganese bronze: Cu + 20-45%Zn + 1-3%Mn. Silicon bronze: Cu + 1-3.5%Si.
EN W.Nr.: 2.0916 (CuAl5), 2.0920 (CuAl8), 2.0928 (G-CuAl9), 2.0932 (CuAl8Fe3), 2.0936 (CuAl10Fe3Mn2), 2.0940 (CuAl10Fe2-C), 2.0960 (CuAl9Mn2), 2.0962 (G-CuAl8Mn), 2.0966 (CuAl10Ni5Fe4), 2.0970 (CuAl10Ni3Fe2-C), 2.0978 (CuAl11Ni6Fe5), 2.0980 (CuAl11Fe6Ni6-C).
UNS: C61400.
PROPRIETARY: Alloy D (Hastelloy).

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