Use & Application
These consumables are designed for prolonged Elevated temperature service up to 550°C. Main areas of application are associated with steam generating power plant, e.g. piping, turbine castings, steam chests, valve bodies and boiler superheaters. Some of the consumables will also find service in refineries where they are used for corrosion resistance to Sulphur bearing crude oil at 250-450°C. Some of the consumables will also find applications in the chemical and petrochemical industries where they are used for resistance to hydrogen attack in the fabrication of hydrocrackers, coal liquefaction plant and NH3 pressure vessels operating at up to 450°C. In the as-welded condition the consumables also provide a useful source of 300HV hardness weld deposit for build-up or hardsurfacing to resist metal-to-metal wear and heavy impact. Preheat and interpass temperature 200°C minimum, up to 300°C for thick sections. Maintain throughout welding cycle and some time after completion of welding. Apart from some special applications, PWHT will always be required. PWHT temperature is typically 690°C with time being dependent on section thickness.
Alloy type
1¼Cr-½Mo alloyed steel consumables for elevated temperature service.
After PWHT, the microstructure consists of tempered bainite.
Materials to be welded

EN W.Nr.: 13CrMo 4-5 (1.7355), 13CrMo 4-4 (1.7335), 16CrMo 4-4 (1.7337), 11CrMo 5-5 (1.7339), GS-25CrMo 4 (1.7128), GS-17CrMo 5-5 (1.7357).
ASTM: A387 Gr 11 & 12, A182 F11 & F12, A217 WC6 & WC11, A234 WP11 & WP12, A199 T11, A200 T11, A213 T11 & T12, A335 P11 & P12.

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