Use & Application
For elevated temperature service up to 600°C, with corrosion resistance in superheated steam, hot hydrogen gas and high Sulphur crude oils. Used primarily for** boiler superheaters, heat exchangers, piping and pressure vessels in oil refineries**. This weld metal has also been used successfully for subsequent nitriding, for example in the repair of 3Cr- 1Mo-V and 2Cr-Mo-1A1 steels used for molds for injection-molding of plastics.
Alloy type
5%Cr-½%Mo steel for elevated temperature service up to 600°C.
In the PWHT condition the microstructure consists of tempered bainite.
Materials to be welded

EN W.Nr.: 12CrMo 19 5 (1.7362), X7CrMo 6 1 (1.7373), X11CrMo 6 1 (1.7374), GS-12CrMo 19 5 (1.7363).
ASTM: A387 gr. 5, A335 gr. P5, P5b, A234 gr. WP5 (fittings), A199 gr. T5, A213 gr. T5, T5b, A182 gr. F5, F5a, A336 gr. F5, A217 gr. C5.

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