Use & Application
CrMoV base materials provide good creep rupture properties up to about 580°C, with a reasonable degree of corrosion resistance in superheated steam. Typical applications for the cast materials include **valve casings and steam turbines, general use for boilers, pressure vessels in the power generation and petrochemical industries** . Vanadium increases the tempering stability of quenched steel and produces a secondary hardening effect. It also refines the grains, increases the strength and yield ratio and low-temperature toughness after normalizing, and improve the welding performance of ordinary low-alloy steel. It is vey important to observe specifications for preheating and post-weld heat treatment according to the base materials.
Alloy type
1¼%Cr-½%Mo alloyed steel consumables for elevated temperature service with addition of vanadium.
After PWHT, the microstructure consists of tempered bainite.
Materials to be welded

EN W.Nr.: G17CrMoV5-10 (1.7706), 21 CrMoV 5 11 (1.8070), 15 CrMoV 5 10 (1.7745), GS-17CrMo 5 11 (1.7706) (cast).
ASTM: A389 gr. C24 (cast), A356 gr. 9 (cast).

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