Use & Application
Fabrication of **storage tanks, process plant** and associated **pipework** where good fracture toughness from as-welded joints is demanded down to temperatures in the region of -60°C. The addition of about 2.5%Ni improves microstructural refinement and tolerance to procedural variations compared to plain CMn weld metal. It also promotes the formation of a stable patina as required for matching the characteristics of weathering steels, and is an alternative to using matching consumables. Preheat according to base material and thickness. Although AWS consumable specifications require PWHT many fabrications will be left as-welded. The need for PWHT will generally be determined by applicable design codes.
Alloy type
Nominally 2,5%Ni low alloy steels.
In the as-welded condition the microstructure is ferritic with a component of acicular ferrite for optimum toughness.
Materials to be welded

Low temperature applications, fine-grained steels that contain up to 2.5% Nickel.
ASTM: A203 gr. A & B plate, A333 gr. 6 pipe, A350 gr. LF1 & LF2 forgings, A352 gr. LC2 casting.
API: 5L X52, 5L X56, 5L X60, 5L X65.

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