Use & Application
Zeron® 100 has an exceptional combination of strength and resistance to corrosion and erosion in a wide range of aggressive media. The presence of Cu+W provides superior resistance to sulphuric and hydrochloric acids when compared to similar alloys without these additions. Offshore applications exploit the high resistance to pitting and stress-corrosion cracking in seawater. It is also highly resistant to caustic alkalis and phosphoric acid. Service temperature range is usually limited to –50°C to 280°C, the upper limit owing to thermal instability (450°C and sigma embrittlement). It is widely used in oil and gas production and process **pipework, risers, manifolds, pressure vessels, valves, pumps, desalination plant, systems for flue-gas desulphurization (FGD) and also in the mining, chemical and pharmaceutical industries**. Zeron® 100 wires are also used for joining supermartensitic stainless steels.
Alloy type
25%Cr ferritic-austenitic superduplex stainless steels matching the proprietary Zeron® 100 alloy.
Austenite-ferrite duplex microstructure in AW or solution annealed condition with an approximate 30- 60% ferrite level, depending on heat cycle conditions.
Materials to be welded

EN W.Nr.: 1.4508, 1.4501, 1.4469.
ASTM: A890 6A, A182 F55, A890 5A.
UNS: S32760, J93380, S32750, S32550, S32520, S39274, S32950, J93404.
PROPRIETARY: DP3W (Nippon Steel Corporation), 7-Mo Plus (Carpenter), SAF 2507 (Sandvik).

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