Use & Application
These consumables are designed for welding wrought or cast martensitic 12%Cr (type 410) stainless steel. Fabrication welds of matching composition such as this must be tempered by appropriate PWHT, owing to high hardness (~450HV) and low ductility in the as-welded condition. Type 410 contains just sufficient carbon to enable air-hardening transformation to a predominantly martensitic microstructure. Structural properties below ambient are limited by its relatively high ductile brittle transition temperature (particularly weldments), and up to about 550ºC by its modest creep resistance. It has useful resistance to general corrosion in nonaggressive media, sulphide-induced SCC in sour crude oil service, and oxidation up to about 800°C. Typical applications include hydrocrackers, reaction vessels, distillation plants and associated pipework in refineries; furnace parts, linings; surfacing run-out rolls in steel mills; cast valve bodies, turbine parts and burner nozzles.
Alloy type
12%Cr (410) martensitic stainless steel.
In the PWHT condition the microstructure consists of tempered martensite with some retained ferrite.
Materials to be welded

EN W.Nr.: 1.4006 (X10Cr13), 1.4006 (G-X10Cr13), 1.4000 (X6Cr13), 1.4024 (X15Cr13).
ASTM: 410, 410S, 403, A487 gr. CA15.
UNS: S41008, S40300.

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