Use & Application
High strength (>760MPa) martensitic stainless steel with better resistance to corrosion, hydro-cavitation, sulphide-induced SCC, and good sub-zero toughness when compared with plain 12%Cr steels (e.g. type 410/ CA15). Weld metal of this type greatly overmatches the strength of equivalent parent material and is remarkably resistant to softening during PWHT. These properties can be exploited for welding martensitic precipitation-hardening alloys if corrosion conditions are compatible with lower alloy weld metal, with the advantage of a single PWHT at 450-620°C for tempering. The 410NiMo consumables are also used for overlaying mild and CMn steels. 13%Cr-4%Ni alloys are used in cast or forged form for **hydraulic turbines, valve bodies, pump bowls, compressor cones, impellers and high pressure pipes** in power generation, offshore oil, chemical and petrochemical industries.
Alloy type
12%Cr-4.5%Ni-0.5%Mo (410NiMo) soft martensitic alloy.
In the PWHT condition the microstructure consists of tempered martensite with some retained austenite.
Materials to be welded

EN W.Nr.: 1.4313 (X3CrNiMo13-4).
ANFOR: Z6 CND 1304-M.
UNS: S41500.

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