Use & Application
The martensitic welding deposit has a high wear resistance also at elevated temperatures as well as a good resistance against water, steam and diluted organic acids. Scale resistant up to 900° C. It is suitable for high-grade buildups and weld overlay on non-and low alloyed base steels and tool steels. Application fields are: sealing faces on fittings, plungers and claddings on rotors. Other typical applications include continuous caster rolls and molds for ceramic industries. Martensitic stainless steels, depending upon their carbon content are often used for their corrosion resistance and high strength in pumps, valves, and boat shafts. They are also used for their wear resistance in, cutlery, medical tools (scalpels, razors and internal clamps), ball bearings, razor blades, injection molds for polymers, and brake disks for bicycles and motorbikes. Clean welding area to metallic bright. Preheating temperature 150 - 400° C, depending on the size of the work piece and the base material. Slow cooling and, if necessary, tempering.
Alloy type
Martensitic steel for wear and corrosion resistant hardfacings.
The microstructure comprises tempered martensite and some carbide.
Materials to be welded

Surfacing can be performed on all weldable base materials, unalloyed and low-alloyed. Welding of corrosion resistant chromium steels as well as other similar-alloyed steels with C-contents up to 0.20% (repair welding).
EN W.Nr.: 1.4122 (39CrMo17-1), 1.4113 (6CrMo17-1), 1.4513 (2CrMoTi17-1).
ASTM: 440C, 434, 436.
UNS: UNS S S43400, 43600.

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