Use & Application
Designed to match equivalent alloys with good hot strength coupled with excellent resistance to oxidation up to about 1100°C. Resistance to sulphidation under oxidizing conditions is superior to many higher nickel heat-resistant alloys. Resistance to nitriding and carburization is satisfactory except under reducing conditions where higher nickel alloys are superior. Also satisfactory for dissimilar combinations of materials with related levels of alloying. However, control of hot cracking in this high silicon weld metal is dependent on some ferrite being present during solidification. Caution is therefore required when considering dilution by dissimilar materials which could promote fully austenitic solidification, such as type 310 and other high nickel alloys. Combinations with alloys stabilized with Ti and especially Nb should be avoided, due to the possibility of embrittlement by Si-rich eutectics with these elements. Applications include **furnaces and furnace parts, high temperature flues, exhaust and heat recuperator systems, combustion nozzles**. No preheat required, it is desirable to keep interpass below 150°C.
Alloy type
Iron based 22%Cr-10%Ni alloy with controlled additions of C, Si, N and rare earths, predominantly cerium, with excellent oxidation resistance.
Austenite with controlled ferrite of about 5FN.
Materials to be welded

EN W.Nr.: 1.4818 (X6CrNiSiNCe 19-10), 1.4828 (X15CrNiSi 20-12), 1.4835 (X9CrNiSiNCe 21-11-2), 1.4893 (X8CrNiSiN 21 11), 1.4891 (X4CrNiSiN 18 10).
UNS: S30815.
PROPRIETARY: 253MA (Outokumpu).

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