Use & Application
These alloys have superior carburization and oxidation resistance to alloys based on 25%Cr-35%Ni for service up to 1150°C but with some reduction in creep strength. **Applications include pyrolysis coils and reformer tubes for the petrochemical industry**. For the thicker section materials a preheat may prove beneficial owing to the low ductility of the material. There would not normally be any requirement for PWHT.
Alloy type
High carbon 35Cr-45Ni-1Nb to match heat-resisting castings, which are often micro-alloyed with Ti and Zr.
In the as-welded condition the multi-pass weld metal microstructure consists of austenite with primary eutectic and secondary precipitated carbides.
Materials to be welded

PROPRIETARY: Paralloy H46M (Doncasters Paralloy), Manaurite® XT, XTM (Manoir Industries), Centralloy® ET45 Micro (Schmidt + Clemens), Lloyds T80, Lloyds T75MA (LBA), E3545Nb-MA (Engemasa).

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