Use & Application
Consumable designed for those applications requiring 120 Ksi minimum tensile strength and good Charpy v-notch toughness. These materials are used in lifting and handling machines, bridges, tanks, transport, shipbuilding, railway sector, mines, frames, crane fabrication, trailer construction, and other structural applications involving higher strength materials. Preheat according to base material and thickness, although materials likely to be welded by the higher strength consumables will normally require 100°C minimum preheat. With some HSLA steels interpass temperatures above 200°C may result in a reduction of strength and toughness. PWHT generally depends on base material and application.
Alloy type
Mn-Ni-Mo low alloy consumables for welding high strength steels with ultimate tensile strength up to 825 MPa (120 ksi).
The microstructure of all the consumables is predominantly ferrite; some will contain high proportions of acicular ferrite for optimum aswelded toughness
Materials to be welded

This material is used for a variety of high strength steels. HY-80, HY-90, HY- 100. S890 and higher strength grades, thermo mechanically treated fine grain steels.
EN W.Nr.: S890QL, S960Q.
ASTM: A 709 Gr. 100 Type B, E, F, H, Q, HPS 100W.
PROPRIETARY: Strenx® 900 (SSAB), Alform® 900 X-treme (voestalpine).

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