Use & Application
It is used for joining materials of similar composition and it has excellent resistance to creep and oxidation up to approx. 1200°C, thanks to the addition of aluminum. It provides excellent fatigue strength in the HCF (high cycle fatigue) and LCF (low cycle fatigue) mode. It also possesses very good high temperature corrosion resistance in carburizing and oxidizing/chlorinating media as well as under “metal dusting” conditions. Typical applications are: radiant tubes, furnace muffles, rotary and shaft furnaces, kiln rollers and other furnace installations, methanol and ammonia synthesis, hydrogen production, reformers in the chemical and petrochemical industries, components in automotive exhaust systems.
Alloy type
The nominal composition (wt. %) of filler metal of this classification is 63 Ni, 25 Cr, 9.5 Fe, and 2.1 Al.
High-carbon Ni-Cr-Fe alloy with a face-centered cubic microstructure.
Materials to be welded

Nickel-chromium-iron-aluminum alloy type UNS N6025 to itself and Nickel chromium-iron to steel and to other nickel base alloys.
EN W.Nr.: 2.4633 (NiCr25FeAlY).
UNS: N06025.
PROPRIETARY: Nicrofer 6025 HT (VDM).

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