Use & Application
Primarily intended for high temperature applications up to about 1100°C. It provides good microstructural stability, high creep strength and excellent resistance to oxidation and carburization. In a variety of aqueous media, the alloy also has useful resistance to general corrosion, pitting and stress-corrosion cracking. The electrode is optimized for DC+ welding in all positions including fixed pipework qualified in the ASME 5G/6G positions. In addition to welding the parent alloy 617, some authorities specify it in preference to other nickel-base filler metals for welding alloys 800H and 800HT for service above 760°C, alloys 600 and 601 and cast alloys HK40, HP40Nb. It is also suitable for the heat-resistant alloy 601 (usually above 900°C) and dissimilar welds including high carbon heat resistant cast alloys and any combination of those mentioned. Applications include **combustion, pyrolysis, heat treatment and furnace components, flare tips, ducting and gas turbine parts**. Normally no preheat required, interpass temperature generally limited to 150°C maximum.
Alloy type
Nickel base alloy of nominally Ni-24%Cr-12%Co-9%Mo designed for high temperature service.
High nickel alloy austenite with carbides.
Materials to be welded

Suitable also for dissimilar welds between the listed materials.
EN W.Nr.: 2.4663 (NiCr23Co12Mo), 1.4876 (X10NiCrAlTi 32 20), 2.4851 (NiCr23Fe15).
UNS: NO6617, N08810, N08811, N06601, N06333.
PROPRIETARY: Inconel® Alloy 617, 601 (Special Metals), Nicrofer 5520Co, 3220H, 6023, 3220H (VDM), Incoloy® 800H, 800HT (Special Metals), RA333 (Rolled Alloys).

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