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Designed to match the composition of alloy 625, widely used for the resistance to general corrosion, pitting, crevice and stress corrosion cracking in severe chloride media. These properties are due to high levels of Cr, Mo and Nb, which also raise strength to the highest amongst standard nickel-base alloys. Useful properties from –269°C to above 1000°C. Also suitable for welding heat resisting alloys including Inconel 601 , Incoloy 800/800H, or combinations of these with other alloys for furnace equipment, petrochemical and power generation plants. Some other applications include: overmatching corrosion-resistant welds in alloy 825, Hastelloys G and G3, alloy 28, 904L, 6%Mo superaustenitic stainless 254SMo, and also overlays on pumps, valves and shafts, often in offshore and marine environments where high pitting resistance (PRE = 50) and tolerance to dilution are essential. Welds in high strength ferrous alloys including cryogenic 9% nickel steels and for reclamation of dies where rapid work-hardening and toughness are required. No preheat required and maximum interpass of 250°C. For superaustenitic alloys the interpass temperature should be controlled to a maximum of 100°C.
Alloy type
Consumables matching the nickel base 625 alloy with typical composition of Ni-21%Cr-9%Mo-3.5%Nb.
In the as-welded condition this nickel base weld metal consists of solid-solution strengthened austenite with carbides.
Materials to be welded

Also suitable to join 9%Ni steels.
EN W.Nr.: 2.4856.
ASTM: A494 CW-6MC , 904L.
UNS: N06625, S31254.
PROPRIETARY: Inconel® 625, 601 (Special Metals), Nicrofer 6020hMo, 6022hMo (VDM), 254SMO (Outokumpu), Incoloy® 800H, 825 (Special Metals).

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