Use & Application
Consumables designed to match the composition and properties of alloy 686. Its high **Ni** and **Mo** provide good resistance in reducing conditions, and high **Cr** offers resistance to oxidizing media. **Mo** and **W** resistance to localized corrosion such as pitting. Low**C** helps minimize grain boundary precipitation to maintain corrosion-resistance in the heat-affected zones of welded joints. This alloy also provides a tough Nb-free weld metal for dissimilar welds in superaustenitic and superduplex stainless steel or combinations of these with Ni base alloys. It also offer exceptional as-welded resistance to sulfuric or hydrochloric acids, to mixtures of the two, and to crevice or pitting corrosion in hot concentrated acid chloride solutions. Mainly used in chemical and petrochemical processing, pollution control, oil and gas extraction, oil refining, and in marine environments. They are also useful for dissimilar metal welding, offering protection against preferential weld-metal attack when used for joining Mo-containing alloys or alloy-clad steels.
Alloy type
The nominal composition (wt. %) of the filler metal of this classification is 57 Ni, 21 Cr, 16 Mo, and 4 W.
Single-phase austenitic Ni-Cr-Mo-W alloy.
Materials to be welded

Used for welding nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy to itself, to steel, to other nickel-base alloys, and for cladding steel using the GTAW, GMAW, and SAW processes. It is also suitable to weld overmatching 625, C276, C4, C22, 59 alloys and superduplex and superaustenitic steels.
EN W.Nr.: 2.4606 (NiCr21Mo16W).
UNS: N06686, N06022, N06059, N06200, N08367, NO8926, NO8031.
PROPRIETARY: Inconel® Alloy 686 (Special Metals), Incoloy® Alloy 25-6MO, 27-7MO (Special Metals).

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