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The weld metal has no directly equivalent parent material, although its composition is related to Inconel 600. Mo and Nb give high resistance to hot cracking, tolerance to dilution by many combinations of nickel base and ferrous alloys, and stable properties over a wide range of service temperatures from –269°C to above 900°C. The presence of Mo improves elevated temperature properties above about 600°C. These consumables are used for welding heat resisting or high nickel alloys to themselves for use in furnace equipment and petrochemical plants up to about 900°C. In addition they are suitable for dissimilar combinations of the above alloys and others such as Monel 400, Incoloy 825 to stainless, low alloy CMn steels without the need to preheat. Stress relief may be carried out if necessary, and transition welds for high temperature service have good structural stability. They can also be used for low temperature applications such as 3%Ni or 5%Ni steels used for cryogenic vessels and pipework in service at or below –100°C. Requirements for preheat and PWHT will be dependent on the base material being welded. For most nickel base materials no preheat or PWHT is required.
Alloy type
Inconel™ type consumables similar to DAIKO 82 but with lower Mn and a Mo addition.
In the as-welded condition this nickel base weld metal consists of austenite with a few carbides.
Materials to be welded

Nickel base steel or high nickel alloys to themselves and to mild, low alloy, and stainless steels. Cryogenic 3-5%Ni steels.
PROPRIETARY: Inconel® 600, 601 (Special Metals), Incoloy® 800, 800H, DS (Special Metals), Nilo® (Special Metals), Brightray® (Special Metals).

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