Use & Application
G-TECH 310H is designed to weld HK40 which is one of the standard materials for centrifugally cast tubes operating at around 1000°C. These alloys are used in reformer and steam cracker coils in chemical and petrochemical plants. Also for components such as billet skids, calcinating tubes, kiln nose segments, conveyor rolls, and furnace structural items in the cement, ceramic and steel industries Generally no preheat or PWHT are required.
Alloy type
0.4%C-25%Cr-20%Ni (310H) austenitic cast alloy for heat resisting service.
In the as-welded condition the weld metal microstructure consists of austenite with eutectic and secondary carbides.
Materials to be welded

EN W.Nr.: 1.4846 (X40CrNi 25 21), 1.4848 (G-X40CrNiSi 25 20).
ASTM: SA351 gr. HK40, A608 gr. HK40.
PROPRIETARY: H20 (Doncasters Paralloy), Thermalloy 47 (Duraloy), Lloyds T47 (LBA), HR6 (Cronite).

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