Use & Application
These consumables give a fully austenitic, low carbon weld metal with molybdenum and copper, with good resistance to corrosion in sulphuric, phosphoric and other inorganic and organic acids. They are not normally chosen for resistance to corrosion in concentrated nitric acid. For service in severe chloride pitting media, overmatching nickel base weld metal is recommended, see alloy 625 . It is the preferred weld metal for some lower alloy austenitics such as Creusot UHB 34L and UHB 734L for wet process phosphoric acid service. Applications include **tanks and process vessels, piping systems, agitators and rotors and cast pumps and valves** for use in the fertilizer, phosphoric, sulphuric and acetic acid plants, and in salt and seawater environments. It is also used in some offshore applications, including overlays on mild and low alloy steels. No preheat or PWHT is required, interpass should be controlled to 150°C maximum and heat input should also be controlled particularly with larger diameter SMAW electrodes.
Alloy type
904L is a nominally 20%Cr-25%Ni-5%Mo-2%Cu alloy with good corrosion resistance.
In the as-welded condition the weld metal microstructure is fully austenitic.
Materials to be welded

Suitable for copper-free variants of the listed alloys and also to overmatch leaner alloys such as 317L, 317LN, 317LM, 317LMN, 1.4439, 1.4440 and S31726.
EN W.Nr.: 1.4505 (X4NiCrMoCuNb20-18-2), 1.4506 (X5NiCrMoCuTi 20-18), 1.4536 (GX2NiCrMoCuN25-20), 1.4539 (X1CrNiMoCuN25-20-5), 1.4585 (G-X7CrNiMoCuNb1818), 1.4500 (G-X7NiCrMoCuNb2520).
ASTM: N08904.
PROPRIETARY: Uddelholm 904L (voestalpine), 2RK65 (Sandvik), Cronifer 1925LC (VDM), 254SLX (Outokumpu), Uranus® B6, B6M (Industeel).

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