Use & Application
These consumables give a fully austenitic, niobium stabilized weld metal with molybdenum and copper and a high resistance to corrosion in sulphuric acid, other mineral acids, organic acids and their mixtures. Most parent material specifications are for castings. Applications include tanks, process piping, heat exchangers, agitators and rotors, cast pumps and valves; for use in the chemical processing, metal cleaning and pickling industries. The 825 consumables are similar high alloy corrosion resistant products and can be offered as a technically compatible alternative in some applications.
Alloy type
20%Cr-34%Ni-3.5%Cu-2.5%Mo (alloy 20) austenitic corrosion resistant alloy.
In the as-welded condition the microstructure is fully austenitic.
Materials to be welded

ASTM: A351, A744 gr. CN-7M.
PROPRIETARY: Alloy 20, 20Cb, 20Cb-3 (Carpenter), Paramount P20 (Lake, Elliot), Langalloy 20V (Meighs).

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