Use & Application
It is a GTAW and GMAW filler metal used for welding commercial pure titanium alloys commonly found in applications requiring high temperature resistance and resistance to chemical reagents. Although there are four grades of Commercial Pure Titanium filler metals, C.P. Grade 2 (ERTi-2) is the most popular because of its good balance of strength, formability and weldability. The most common application of Commercial Pure Titanium is the aircraft industry, where tensile strength and weight ratios are so critical. Other uses would include cryogenic and petrochemical applications such as chemical process heat exchangers, pressure vessels and piping systems, pulp bleaching systems, electro chemical and chemical storage tanks. Compared to the other grades of commercially pure titanium, Grade 2 is slightly weaker than Grade 3, but stronger than Grade 1 and equally resistant to corrosion. Grade 2 offers excellent balance of moderate strength and reasonable ductility. This material is also non-magnetic.
Alloy type
Gr. 2 titanium, commercially pure.
Pure alpha alloys (compact hexagonal lattice-HCP).
Materials to be welded

Suitable for welding Titanium grade 1, 2, 3 and 4.
EN W.Nr.: 3.7025, 3.7035, 3.7055, 3.7065.
ASTM: Ti-Gr 1, Ti-Gr 2, Ti-Gr 3, Ti-Gr 4.
UNS: R504007, R50400, R50550, R50700.

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