SF 59


Solid wire for Nickel base alloy 59. It is designed to match the nickel base alloy commonly known as alloy 59.
The high level of Mo is similar to alloys C276 but performance in a wide range of more oxidising media is significantly enhanced in alloy 59 by increasing Cr to 23%.
This alloy also provides a tough Nb-free weld metal for dissimilar welds in superaustenitic and superduplex stainless steel or combinations of these with Ni base alloys.
Alloy 59 is used in chemical process plant, solid waste incinerators, pulp and paper industries, flue gas desulfurization plant, severe offshore and petrochemical environments and oil&gas industries.

Category Nickel alloys
Product ID SF 59

Line Nickel alloys Daiko Welding product type SF 59
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Standards AWS A5.14 ER NiCrMo-13
EN ISO 18274 S Ni 6059
W. Nr. 2.4607

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